Simb balances

Multi-banking app designed for families

See the balances and transactions of all your accounts and your family accounts in one single place.

Simb balances
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Spending overview of your household

Find out how much your family spends and on what. Filter easily by family members or by spending category.

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Budget limits for each family member

Set weekly or monthly budgets and track the progress. Get notified when someone reaches his spending limit too soon.

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Shared saving goals

Set goals and save with your family members together. You can also set cost reduction goals, for example on coffee or entertainment.

Saving Goals
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Manage all family subscriptions

Track the recurring subscriptions that burn your family budget, and cancel those that are no longer needed.

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Send or request money easily

No IBANs anymore. Request or send easily money to your family members, phone numbers, emails or Facebook friends.

Card for Kids

Debit card for your kids

Block payments in places such as pubs, nightclubs, app stores, or set retailers (eg. McDonalds), where payments will be denied.

Card for Kids

Earn money while shopping

Get cash back directly to your bank account for every purchase you make with our retail partners..

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